Tales From the Nexus

Whew! That was a long week! Thank you to everyone who was a part of getting Emily to Utah, to Cognitive FX. It was an amazing experience, despite the fact that she had the FLU for most of it (nope, I’m not even kidding; wish I was)!

(No, it wasn’t COVID. And it wasn’t technically the flu, or at least the variant they tested for, either. Nor a host of other microbial monsters. But it was something awful and it hung on like a scared monkey, and for lack of anything better to call it, we’re going to call it the flu. All you epidemiologists can argue all you want.)

Even for healthy patients, the long days of therapies at CFX are exhausting, and let me tell you, this sick kid took exhaustion to the next level; at the end of each day, she resembled more of a…

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